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The "Corian® Quality Network" from the perspective of our partners:

Thierry Delles, France

Roberto Belli, Italy

Leo Röthlin, Switzerland


Corian® is an advanced premium material used to create work surfaces for both public and residential spaces, indoor and outdoor. In the home, it is mainly used in the kitchen, bathroom and living room.

Corian® is a top quality solution in terms of aesthetics, functionality, hygiene and design. Its reliability has been proved around the world for 50 years, in the most diverse applications. To deliver Corian® at its best to consumers, DuPont created the "Corian® Quality Network". The Quality Network program ensures the best quality of fabrication, sales and technical service, backed by a DuPont 10 Year warranty.

To know more about the Corian® Quality Network and discover how to join the Home Design Partner initiative as a showroom: 0800 962 116 (UK), 1800 553 252 (Ireland),



Home Design Partners are selected kitchen, bathroom and furnishing showrooms that are qualified to offer consumers the highest level of expertise in promoting and designing Corian® worksurfaces


Industrial Partners are companies with strong and successful experience in the fabrication of Corian®. DuPont provides them with technical and product training, certifies their technical skills and regularly updates them about technical and product developments.


Service Centers are firms or professionals which are specialised in the installation of Corian® and in after-sales service. DuPont gives them technical and product training and certifies their skills.

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Home Design Partner


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Corian® "Home Design Partners" are a new initiative set up to deliver the best in Corian® design and technical expertise to home owners. 

The "Home Design Partner" initiative consists of selected kitchen, bathroom and furnishing showrooms that are qualified to offer consumers the highest level of expertise in promoting and designing Corian® worksurfaces. Staff have been trained to the highest level and have the full back-up and support of Corian® - from the latest colours and innovations, through to technical advice and post-installation care guidance. 

These showrooms work together with fabricators known as “Industrial Partners” which also belong to the overall “Corian® Quality Network”. Designs in Corian® that have been fabricated by these Industrial Partners and sold by Home Design Partners are backed by the “10 Year DuPont Limited Installed Warranty”.

To know more about the Corian® Quality Network or find a partner near you : 0800 962 116 (UK), 1800 553 252 (Ireland),

To check whether a store is a member of the Home Design Partner initiative, look for the logo on their window or check here.


Industrial Partners

Highest quality of fabrication

Corian® is a par excellence brand - in the world of modern materials: it refers to a high-tech surface invented, produced and marketed by DuPont which has revolutionized and keeps on shaping the world of interior design, furnishing and of architecture. 

"Corian® Quality Network" is a fundamental ingredient of the global success of Corian®

The "Corian® Quality Network" is an international system created by DuPont to optimize the delivering of the beauty and of the performance of Corian® high-tech surface to the market, to transform the potential of Corian® into reality. 

It includes companies - industrial partners of DuPont - that are able to help consumers, architects, designers and industries to extract the highest value from the performance and the properties of Corian®.       

The members of this network are trained by DuPont specialists and technicians, their skills are checked and certified by DuPont, their preparation and service are continuously monitored by DuPont. 

Dealing with a member of the "Corian® Quality Network" means counting on state-of-the-art training and knowledge in terms of fabrication and installation, it means dealing with people that are used to manage complex task, dealing with companies supported by the know-how of DuPont and whose creations and installations are associated to a official ten-years warranty of DuPont. 

The "Corian® Quality Network” is a premium group of industrial partners of DuPont that we are proud to introduce: be sure to deal with a member of this network when you have an idea, a project, a need that can be met through the potential of Corian®.

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Service Centers

Top class after-sales assistance

Quality Network Service Centres are organisations that can take care of the after-sales assistance for Corian® installations. They are companies that received training from DuPont, their skills are assessed and certified by DuPont.

Stores offering Corian® for kitchen, bathroom, and other home solutions can also count on the support of Service Center members.