The Corian® Quality Network from the perspective of our partners - Thierry Delles

Corian® Quality Network Testimonial Thierry Delles

What are the values or the philosophy of your company?

I have always wanted to build a business with a human dimension in which each employee, each technician wears the company colours with pride.


What reasons led you to become a Corian® fabrictor?

When I started my business 25 years ago, I wanted it to stand out as something new, something you don’t see everywhere. And at that time Corian® was a real gamble.


What does the "Corian® Quality Network" mean to you and your customers?

My relationship with DuPont goes back a long way. It is this type of partnership that has allowed us to engage in constructive dialogue at all times and has kept us loyal to the Corian® brand.


Are there any projects or installations/collaborations you have been involved in as a Corian® Quality Network manufacturer that you can tell us about?

I would be inclined to say that each project is a unique adventure, but I do have some projects that I am particularly proud of such as the restoration of the history gallery at the Palace of Versailles, the huge frescoes by Michael Craig Martin in Luxembourg and Hannover, the exterior cladding of the Abidjan Conference Centre, to name but a few. I could go on, but mostly I would like to commend the architects and designers with whom I have worked and with whom the adventures embarked upon have always proved rewarding and exciting