The Quality Network from the perspective of our partners - Leo Röthlin

Corian® Quality Network Testimonial Leo Röthlin

What are the values or the philosophy of your company?

The highest level of customer satisfaction is the centre of our thoughts and actions. We aim at turning customers' wishes, even the most challenging and uncommon ones, into reality. And we do it through the combination of our technical know-how and our creative and innovative approach, a combination enabling us to optimise the properties and the performance of Corian®.


What reasons led you to become a Corian® fabrictor?

Thirty years ago we used Corian® for the first time and since then we have found it to be a fascinating material, a material with enormous versatility and application potential. We realised we could offer solutions that were not possible with conventional materials. Thanks to the continuous support of DuPont and the creation of the Quality Network, today we are "strong believers" of Corian®.


What does the "Corian® Quality Network" mean to you and your customers?

The Quality Network creates trust and confidence for both fabricators and customers. And let me say that the Quality Network also means collaboration among fabricators. We have been very happy to exchange our experiences and also to work together on specific projects with Quality Network members.


Are there any projects or installations/collaborations you have been involved in as a Corian® Quality Network manufacturer that you can tell us about?

Clearly we love all our projects, but thinking of more recent ones, I am very proud of two projects that we were able to acquire thanks to the support of DuPont and another Quality Network member.

The first one was for a SBB train station in Bern, Switzerland, where we fabricated two elliptical counters. The second one consisted of a series of oval, 3-dimensional formed partitions with integrated seating - another significant fabrication challenge - for a McDonald's restaurant in the westside Shopping Centre, in Bern.