The Quality Network from the perspective of our partners - Roberto Belli

Corian® Quality Network Testimonial Roberto Belli

How would you define the values, objectives and working principles that underpin your professional activity?

Our business activity is founded on a great passion for our work, expressed on a daily basis through the acceptance of projects that present significant technical challenges. Facing these challenges is the best demonstration to our customers of our professionalism, our expertise, our know-how and our ability to find groundbreaking technical solutions. The beauty of our work also lies in the opportunity we have to manage different projects every day, many of which present significant difficulties in terms of their implementation. Teamwork is one of our core values: a close-knit team which faces challenges with optimism, a shared purpose and the division of responsibilities.

It is precisely for these reasons that one of my core values when it comes to my personal business vision is the respect for and valuation of my colleagues. Only by coming together as a large group can we face and overcome the constantly differing challenges posed by our work, and we can improve and grow.


Could you describe the reasons which led you to become a Corian® fabriactor?

When I decided to start the business, in 1990, the impulse that prompted me to embark on this wonderful adventure was undoubtedly the fascination that the Corian® product held for me. This fascination became apparent from the first moment I saw a product which had been manufactured using this special material made by DuPont -the thought of processing a product which, at the time, was completely new to the Italian market, a material with tremendous expressive, technical and functional potential, as yet untapped, but which was already clear to see. In addition, I was immediately seized by the sense of challenge: to contribute towards the introduction of an innovative product onto the Italian market, which was capable of "challenging" traditional materials such as marble and granite.


What does the "Corian® Quality Network" represent for you and your customers?

It represents a source of pride which produces a natural and great sense of belonging, it represents the feeling of "not being alone." From a commercial point of view, it is a great advantage which helps when it comes to relationships with all kinds of companies, customers and designers. For them, I think it represents a sort of "guarantee" of professionalism, a factor which plays an important role in relationships, especially in the early stages. 


During your professional career, what project (or installation, product or even situation) has made you feel most proud that you belong to the "Corian® Quality Network"? 

We are fortunate to have carried out many important and ambitious projects over the years for major companies in the kitchen, bathroom and furniture sectors, for companies that are synonymous with high quality and with the prestigious "made in Italy" label. I remember with great pleasure the beginnings of our business partnership with Corian®, the first training sessions with specialists from DuPont and various other important events and seminars organised by DuPont with skilled European companies also specialising in the manufacture of Corian®. These events were very important and gave me a huge motivational boost to strive to grow and improve on a continual basis.