With proper care, Corian® surfaces in your home will look new for years to come. To ease your mind, a Corian® worktop made by an Industrial partner (member of the Corian® Quality Network) is warranted for 10 years against fabrication and installation defects. Not only that, if you decide to sell your home, your warranty is transferable to the new owners.

For details, see the warranty text in the Use & Care leaflet, Use our online form or contact the DuPont BI Warranty Team: bi-warranty@dupont.com

DuPont Quality Network Principles

DuPont is a name you can depend on for quality and our commitment to our customers does not end with a sale. DuPont has a large network of trained and certified professionals to ensure that installation/fabrication goes smoothly so that end-customers are completely satisfied with their purchase – whether for residential or commercial applications. Backed by a 10-year Limited Warranty, Corian® is tough enough to stand up to everyday realities of a busy home.

An exceptional network strengthens our reputation for quality

DuPont has developed a Quality Network of Industrial partners who are dedicated to delivering the very best standards of installation and service. Their primary goal and attitudes are to ensure that customers are highly satisfied with their Corian® installations.

What is the Quality Network?

Members of the Quality Network are committed to ensuring that customers receive the highest quality product and service from ALL the companies in the supply chain. Its members are Certified Industrial Partners and Service Centres. All Quality Network members have been assessed and trained by DuPont in how to fabricate, install, repair and maintain Corian®. They are also responsible for applying and fulfilling the 10-Year Limited Installed Warranty Program.

What is the 10-Year Limited Installed Warranty Program?

DuPont offers two levels of warranty protection for Corian®: on product level and on installation level. The product warranty is standard for all Corian® products and ensures that they will be free of manufacturing defects for a period of 10 years after purchase. A higher level of coverage, the Limited Installed Warranty, is only available when fabrication and installation are carried out by a Corian® Industrial Partner. This Limited Installed Warranty expands the product warranty and also ensures that fabrication and installation of the finished product will be free of defects.

What is an Industrial Partner?

An Industrial Partner is trained by DuPont and works accordingly to DuPont guidelines. The Industrial Partner maintains the responsibility for ensuring that the final installed quality is done as per DuPont guidelines and meets or exceeds the customer's requirements.

How does an Industrial Partner become certified?

Any Industrial Partner working with Corian® can become certified. All it takes is the right attitude and craftsmanship! After having followed a DuPont training, the Industrial Partner can apply to become a part of the Quality Network group. The Industrial Partner agrees to a 2-days workshop and staff inspection and assessment by a Corian® Service Centre by showing a Corian® piece of art to demonstrate he works accordingly to the DuPont guidelines. The Industrial Partner demonstrates a positive attitude to promoting the Corian® product.

After thorough inspection legalised contracts are being exchanged between DuPont and the Corian® Industrial Partner, provided the Industrial partner passes the assessment. A unique QN number will be put on his certificate.

What is the advantage of being part of the Quality Network?

Our warranty process starts at installation, when your customer will have his chance to inspect his surface to insure that he is completely satisfied right from the start. Most important though is that your asset makes sure that the Corian® surface is covered by the DuPont limited warranty.


The 10-year Limited Installed Warranty applies to the owner of a permanent installation of Corian® (showroom models are excluded) when installed by a DuPont Certified Industrial Partner. Due to the unique properties of Corian®, the Certified Industrial Partner or Service Centre will repair rather than replace, without charge, the Corian® product if it fails due to any manufacturing defect during the first 10 years after initial installations, except for damage caused by physical, chemical or other abuse, damage from excessive heat, use in certain applications or acts of nature. 

Please check the Corian® Use & Care guidelines with warranty conditions

This warranty does not cover products made by other suppliers or manufacturers, nor does it cover installations of Corian® which are not performed by a DuPont Certified Industrial Partner. Corian® warranty is transferable to the next purchaser of a home providing the new owner writes to DuPont to register the installation under the new owner’s name. Applications in saunas, shower pans, steam rooms and outdoors uses are excluded. A proof of purchase needs to be submitted with every warranty request!

Repair or Replace

DuPont will repair any area of the installation that has a manufacturing defect. If a repair is not possible, DuPont will replace the defective area of the installation. DuPont will pay for the cost of the product, labour involved in the removal and replacement of the original installation or product. The Certified Fabricator will be responsible for any other costs associated with or arising out of the repair or replacement. Whether DuPont performs repair or replacement of your installation, we will seek to obtain the best possible result, but exact colour match cannot be guaranteed. Should we elect to replace your Corian® installation, your warranty will continue from the original date of installation and not from the date of repair or replacement.

Corian® Service Centre

DuPont appoints a Service Centre to perform warranty in the sense of repairing a damage and offer general care and maintenance work and to use, display and promote the Corian® branding in according with DuPont’s guidelines.

The Service Centre works according to pre-determined rates, instructed by DuPont. They execute Quality Network inspections. They honour all warranty claims per DuPont guidelines, using best efforts to repair or replace. Above all they judge a complaint objectively.

In case of a Certified Industrial Partner’s mistake, the Certified Industrial Partner is assigned to seek a solution for the problem, unless he wants a Corian® Service Centre to handle the claim to a satisfactory solution for the consumer and this within the repair estimate done based on the schedule for warranty repairs.

All expenses will be charged to the Certified Industrial Partner

On request, the address of a Service Centre is available at the Centralized Warranty Centre: bi-warranty@dupont.com.